Slide transition that brings the called-upon Scene with it


The slide transition moves the current scene laterally to reveal the background color of the scene (or background experience layer if the background of the scene is transparent). I would really like to have the next scene slide in directly beside it without a background reveal.

I’ve tried adding a screenshot to the side of the scene hoping it would be pulled along with the slide transition. I’ve tried adding a background experience layer that is excluded for all other scenes that contains only a screenshot of the next scene. These both result in a slide to black, and then the next scene appearing.

Thanks in advance for looking at this post. I realize everyone is really busy this time of year.


HI @cullenb,

The slide transition will reveal the next scene background first, then load all the elements contained into that scene.
If you need more precision / assistance on this topic, I recommend you to start a discussion with the support team and share your experience with us.



Hi Sebastien,

Ah, that’s how it works! Okay, that is extremely helpful. I will set the backgrounds of each scene accordingly. Thank you!