Sleep issues on iPads running Intuiface


So, I’ve been having issues with XP’s on iPad going to sleep when it shouldn’t. I haven’t been able to nail it down to an OS or app issue and thought I’d see if anyone else is having issues with this. We have set Auto-lock to “Never” and we use guided access. It seems that after a fresh reboot and the device will behave properly (by not auto-locking/sleeping) for a day or so and then will start exhibiting a behavior where the display will act as if auto-lock is on and set to about 5 minutes. So after 5 min, the display darkens to half brightness for a bit, then goes off. Poking the home button will bring the display back but without input, the auto-lock behavior continues until you do a full iPad restart. We have updated through several versions of iOS lately with no change to this behavior. It does seem that it is limited to the 5th generation iPads but, strangely, not all of them.

So, has anyone else seen anything similar?



I had similar issues with IOS when I began to deploy Experiences. If you download Apples Configurator to a MAC you can control all of these behaviours and set up complete control of the IPAD including single app operation. However, if the site uses a dynamic IP address you will have to allow the users to change the IP by leaving access to network set-up.