Sketchfab design accelerator


I think that Intuiface is the best friend for the Sketchfab service.
We can embed our 3d animations into our presentations rendered with an incredible quality.
Many functions can be reached only through java script. For example start-stop animation, hide-show objects, camera position etc.
It would be nice to develop a design accelerator to access to the most Sketchfab commands.

Best regards


I like this! Sketchfab is great tool indeed.


There are two ways you can integrate sketchfab into IntuiFace:

  1. Use the [HTLM sandbox][1] using the embedded sketchfab code. The
    HTML sandbox only works for iPad and Android though.

  2. Use a local webbrowser file. To do so you need to:

  • Save the embedded sketchfab code into a text file with extention as .html
  • Replace the width and height to “100%”
  • Copy the file path and insert this as a url into a Web Browser asset.
  • Set “Interaction Mode” property of the Web Browser asset to “Map pan and zoom”

And voilà!

Click if GIF doesn’t load - Also, the gif quality is reduced. Works way better in IntuiFace :wink:


Thank you.
I already did these tests and they run very good.
But imagine to build a 3d car configurator with Intuiface.
Read here:

I think that a plugin would be very cool.