Simulate Tap - at Coordinates

I’ll be honest, I’m hoping the community can find some neat applications for this idea. It could be cool, and I’m willing to bet this could solve ‘something’ out there.

It’d be neat to have an action that “Simulates a Tap” at specific coordinates on the screen. The coordinates would be something you can bind to.

I think this would apply to those designers who use IF for games. When you touch a button, it would simulate another touch somewhere else on the screen. Maybe you could use this to simulate “Crosshairs” for aiming in a shooting-type game. So you could touch buttons to move crosshairs, and touch another button that simulates a tap at the crosshairs location.

Or maybe in another game you set the “coordinated taps on the screens” to trigger little mine-explosions in random places.

This came up as a weird work around for another post - where someone needed to auto-play a video that was tapped-open from a gallery. If you had a timed-touch at specific coordinates…right where the play button is of the opened video…it would simulate an auto-play. Here’s the original post: Accessing the Items - Dynamic Folder - #2 by AlexB - Help from Community - Intuiface Community

I’d love to hear some thoughts and ideas from others.

Just thought of another idea:

If you have a 1x2 video wall - and one of the screens is interactive and the other is not. You could possibly touch one screen and trigger virtual touches on the non-interactive screen.