Simple Grid Photo Galllery

Working on my first Intuiface project.
What I thought would be very simple is turning out to be a bit frustrating.

The objective is to make a grid of images which a user can click on, bringing up a floating window with something like the FlipChart which they can then flip through, and resize, then close when they are done.

I’ve tried many things so far.
For instance, placing a number of Flip Charts inside an Asset Grid, and creating an action to open and resize and position the asset when clicked on, but that only opens one image. Is there a way to click on a FlipChart and have the whole thing ‘pop out’ and get bigger and remain clickable?

I’ve also just tried creating an action on a flipchart which makes the whole thing large and centered in the screen. That works great, but if there are multiple flipcharts on the screen, the enlarged image remain covered by the other assets on the screen. ( our intention is the make the ‘pop out’ float above the other items, which are still visible and hopefully clickable underneath). Is there a way to control the layer position with an Action?

Attaching a screenshot of the second scenario.

Really appreciate any input on this.


Hi @it1,
The easiest way to achieve what you described would be to follow these steps:

  • Create an empty Asset Grid
  • Create the Flip Charts you need. Within item behaviour make sure that “Allow interaction with item” is unchecked for each Flip Chart
  • Drag your Flip Charts into the Asset Grid
  • Make sure that “Drag and drop item to open” is checked within the properties of the Asset Grid
  • Don’t forget to set up desired value in “resize ratio for opened item”

Does this resolve your issue?