Simple counter in all scenes but only worked in one scene

Hi all!
I am making this puzzle game with multiple levels, so I just had to copy and paste the scene from a puzzle to make the second level since they use all the same assets etc. There is a Simple Counter-Puzzle that is used to count how many pieces have been affixed correctly and if I’m not wrong, it is used across all scenes. When the count is full, the end picture will appear. The counts work in every scene/puzzle, but the end picture only appears on the scene/puzzle that I made the trigger, even though the triggers and actions are in all scenes/puzzles. It has also been set to Happen in Any Scene. I have tried Selected Scenes, Any Scene, and Any scene except Home scene.
Does anyone have a solution? Or do I have to make a new counter in every scene? Thank you soooo much in advance!

Hi @Chinj and welcome to the Intuiface community!

The issue is not on the trigger side, but on the actions. I’ll assume that you created 1 scene per level, and you reset the counter when you go to a new scene.
When you start in “Scene 1” and the counter reaches the value 13 (really? a puzzle with 13 pieces?), it will show “Puzzle-Full Image” in this Scene 1.
When you go in Scene 2, seeing the trigger/actions we see in your snapshot, when the counter reaches 13, it will still try to show an image in Scene 1. So basically, you need to add new actions to make sure you show the image whatever the scene you are currently in.
That’s the simplest fix to your current situation.

Another option, a bit more complex, would have been to dynamically change the content of all your images and remain in the same scene when changing the level. You then wouldn’t have to duplicate all these actions.


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Hi Seb!

Ah, I didn’t notice that “Puzzle-Full Image” is always going to be from the same scene. Thanks! I solved it by making multiple triggers and actions for the same counter to apply to different scenes.
And yes! It is a 13 piece puzzle! It is not a standard square. =)



Interesting, can we have a screenshot?! :slight_smile:


I adapted a puzzle that can be found online.


Ooooh, impressive, I :heart: it!