Showing Custom Keyboard inside Web Browser

Kindly I have an website that Supports two customers at the same time (using Iframe),
two customers may browse the website independently,
I want to use a Web Browser Component ,
where each Iframe (Customer )has a separate Keyboard .

Hi Yusuf,

I I understand correctly, you have:

  • one single Web Brower Asset
  • a website in that Web Browser Asset
  • website is using two Iframes to display content for 2 users

and you want 2 Intuiface Keyboards in the Web Browser Asset for the 2 iframes.

Can you confirm?

On the other hand, if I got this wrong and you actually have 2 Web Browser Asset in you scene, you will have a keyboard for each (see below).



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thank you Alex for replying
2 web browser assests ,1 website with no iframe.