Showing an asset if all conditions are met


I’m trying to build a simple ‘Arrange the words in the right order’ game.

BTW I had to add the words to be arranged (e.g. Word choice 1, Word choice 2, etc.) as images as button or text assets cannot be associated with the drag&drop triggers within a pinboard.

If the Word choice 1 is dropped over Index 1 - Index 1 text is changed to Word choice 1 and the Word choice 1 image is hidden. The same for Word choice 2, 3, etc. What I want to achieve is if none of the indexes = Word choice 1 (e.g. If I have dragged Word choice 1 first over Index 1 but then I drag Word choice 2 over the same index - screenshot below), the Word choice 1 image to show at its initial location.

However, the conditions do not seem to work if I have opted for the All conditions must be true.

Am I approaching this completely wrong or is this a bug?

Many thanks

Hi @denitsa,

To know if there’s a bug on the IntuiFace side and not in your trigger & conditions, it would be better for you to start a discussion with support and share your project.

Regarding the approach you took, I’d rather go with the one we used with the puzzle where we use a counter to count that all pieces match their target location and then raise a success trigger.


Hi @denitsa and hi @Seb,

This is the exact same issue that I am going through, and I have to say that just as @denitsa I have been wondering if the issue comes from my approach or from the software.

I have tried also the puzzle option but it doesn’t match the aim of the game : because the counter doesn’t do the same job as the vallidation button. When you have a validation button, you can have as many attempts as you want, the only thing that actually matters is the moment you press the button. The counter on the other hand works with the amount of attempts you have…

Oh please let me know if a solution is found, or if there is another thread opened that I can follow. And thank you @denitsa for opening this discussion !

Best regards.

@dixie.aufildutemps I’m kind of glad I am not alone :slight_smile:

@Seb I will start a discussion with support later today and send my experience so they can check the triggers and conditions as I really cannot see a valid reason why it would not work.

@dixie.aufildutemps will keep you updated :slight_smile:

Have a nice day everybody

@dixie.aufildutemps following some discussion with the support team it has finally clicked in my head why my example isn’t working.

Once my Word choice 1 is dragged over Index 1, Word choice 1 is hidden. At this exact same moment the other trigger is activated which says If Word choice 1 is hidden and IF Index 1 text does not equal Word choice 1, then … This is an impossible scenario on its own since at the moment Word choice 1 is hidden Index 1 would always equal Word choice 1.

How I got around the issue is instead of hiding Word choice 1 when it is dragged over an index, I set the opacity to 0. Then I have set up a trigger When Word choice 1 has been inactive for 1s and IF any of the indexes = Word choice 1, THEN set the opacity to 1 and return to the initial position. I realise this is probably not the most elegant solution but at least it works for its purpose.

I hope this makes sense.

Many thanks

@denitsa Hi, sorry, I’m not really able at the moment to test again my experience, but I will try your method as soon as I can. Thank you so much for keeping me updated and sharing your experience !