Shopping List/Excel Spreadsheet Question

I’m trying to set up a shopping cart feature using Intuiface’s Shopping List asset and an existing Excel sheet with info filled in it. One of the rows in the sheet is “Item Quantity”. Drag and dropping the sheet from assets to the scene renders the information correctly but “Item Quantity” is not interactable.

I saw that Shopping List has the ability to increment/decrement quantity but I’m having issues getting Shopping List to take info from the Excel sheet. Instead it shows the default Shopping List (Product-1, Product-2, etc…).

Is there a setting I missed to alleviate the problem?

Hi @dillon.glostudio and welcome to the community! :tada:

I recommend you to download the DYI Shopping Catalog Experience from the Marketplace. Note that you will also find it in your Composer Experience panel in the Marketplace Tab.

Once you downloaded it, don’t hesitate to open it in your composer and see how it’s built.

As you will see, Excel is only used to provide product data, on the other hand, quantity, total pricing etc are managed by the Shopping List Interface Asset.

Check on scene named “Shopping List” where you will be able to switch your collection data source property to the “Design Mode” version, it will allow you to see, in Edit Mode, how the collection behaves when the Shopping List isn’t empty, by filling it with dummy values.

In this scene, you will also be able to see how the quantity add/subtract actions are implemented.



My issue is that the Shopping List only reads it’s default information, I’m trying to figure out how to get it to read and display info from my own Excel sheet.

Hi Dillon,

As your need seems specific to your project, I recommend you to open a ticket to Support.

Kind regards,