Shopping Cart


I want to develop a layer of Shopping cart (like my photo).

I have 2 problems:
1/ I try to reset my form excel text input, not succes.
2/ In this form how can i check the valid text? i find it in trigger, i don’t know how use it?
3/ how to add queue sharing with document name?

Thank you!!

Hi Charles @cdorai,

  1. To clear a text Input, you can use the Empty text field Text Input action.
  2. You can use the behavior properties of the Text Input asset such as Expected format or Regular expression to specify what a valid text should be. If you do this, the validation triggers will be raised depending on the user input. You can then call the action of your choice, such as Disable on the send button, until your fields are all valid.
  3. You’ll find more information about sharing queues here.