Shopping Cart Write Items to Excel

Hi there,
Wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can trigger the Shopping Cart IA to write the selected items into a row in an excel spreadsheet?

Currently I’ve limited the shopping cart to only add 10 items. After the user selects their items, they enter their name and email to receive the list of items they chose. When they submit to send the info, I’d like a row to be added to Excel that contains their name, email, and each item name they chose written into up to 10 columns of the Excel spreadsheet.

Thanks for any assistance!

Hi Alex,

Since you can’t use items that don’t yet exist in the Shopping List items data feed in a binding in Composer, you can’t bind an action parameter to an item other that the item #1.

Since you’re quite an advanced user, I can give you a trick that does the job. I’ll share with you a demo XP I just created to illustrate that scenario and I’ll pm you the details.


Agreed, that is the issue I was running into. I wasn’t able to bind any other variables that could store the data first, since there’s no slots that exist in the shopping list yet.

Hi Seb, I too would be interested in this trick, can you please share the demo with me. Thanks

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Hey Seb. Can you send me this example?

Hi @abijaudi and welcome to Intuiface community!

The example I sent to Alex was very specific to his need and adapted to his Intuiface knowledge and skills. Consider it as a workaround that I would generally not recommend.

Could you tell me more about your usage scenario and experience?