Shopping Cart Share to Filesystem

Hi Everyone

Could someone please assist me with getting my shopping cart to save in a shared folder as a document or image or spreadsheet.

I want it to display sort of like a receipt so i can print it from a folder.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks Lou

You may have to share more details. If the shopping cart details are displayed on your Intuiface experience, you could use the screenshot function to save it to file as an image @itslouiegordon


thanks yes when i add items to the cart they show and i want to put a button to click send then it takes a snapshot and saves in folder but struggling would you know how?

@itslouiegordon How to use the snapshot function is here at this link:

The captured files will be located in this folder: C:\Users*[your_username]**\AppData\Local\Intuiface\Sessions*[session_timestamp]**\Snapshots

Note that a new sub-folder is created under the “Sessions” folder for each session of Intuiface.


thanks it doesnt do anything when i attach the take snapshot of the asset to a button nothing happens, and i cant find the snapshot uri thing when i try to add that to the share to file system

You can add a “Snapshot is taken” trigger to the scene (you won’t see this trigger on objects or layers but on the scene (the highest level on the Scene Structure hierarchy). Within this trigger, you can access the Snapshot URI and add it to the sharing queue.


i have finally managed to create the snapshot that pops up on the scene but how would i create the snapshot but hide it so users cant see it on the stage? but still be able to send via filesystem

also how do you initialise the sharing que? i want once the snapshot is taken to immedialety send to the que

Uncheck the option “Create an item when a snapshot is taken” under the behavior properties of the scene (


wow thank you so much for your help i appreciate it, the share que and folder isnt creating and i dont know how to initialise the sharing of the screenshot to the folder

First, ensure you’ve added the “Share via Filesystem” interface asset to your experience. On the “Snapshot is taken” trigger, you need two actions: 1. Add the Snapshot URI to the sharing queue; 2. Share via file system to actually copy the file

You could add clear the sharing queue before adding the new snapshot if this is going to repeated multiple times while running the experience.


Thank You so much , is the share via file system for the second action the middle one that says SHARING

Yes, that’s the one.

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thank you so much