[Shipped]Snapshot file size - Compression

The images generated by my 1080x1920p screen snapshot have a file size of 2 to 3MB.
Depending on how many snapshots the user takes, it may exceed my maximum attachment limit for my email server.
I would suggest a compression for these images.
By going through Photoshop I can easily reduce their file size by 10X.

You can simply use imagemagic to compress your images before adding them into a shareque.

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But then I have to use a tool external to Intuiface.
Did you understand that I suggested this improvement for the product?

Yes, I understand your requirement. But typically this can be done already.

It would be a good feature to have either to specify the filetype you want the images to be saved and the target size.


You mean it can be done with Intuiface?

I suppose @Louie_Smith means it can be done right now using a third party tool like imagemagick command line and Launch Application action in Intuiface.

It will always be quicker than waiting for a software update if the need is urgent. Feature requests are reviewed on a regular basis and the more a feature is requested by our users, the more it has chances to be (at least) studied (not implemented, studied).




Would this workaround work as it does within Composer?
How do I recover this compressed image?
Do you have any examples?

I thought so at first, but I thought I’d ask just in case I don’t know something.

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@Louie_Smith, wanna share your method with us here?

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I’ll see what I can put together :wink:


We’re looking forward to

Hi everybody,

In order to achieve what mentioned above

First, install imagemagick, grab it here: https://imagemagick.org/script/download.php#windows
I installed the ImageMagick-7.0.9-5-Q16-x64-static.exe

I wrote down the directory where the command line is located, for me it’s:
C:\Program Files\ImageMagick\magick.exe
(we’ll use it later)

Now, the command to use to compress, for instance to jpg, will be:
magick convert -strip -interlace Plane -sampling-factor 4:2:0 -quality 85% "path_to_source_image" "path_to_destination_image"

What’s left is fairly simple (it’s Intuiface) :wink:

We’re going to set up a a trigger/action when a snapshot is taken that is building parameter list for the command line and executing it.
For the source, we use a binding on the URI of the freshly taken snapshot, for the destination, provide what suits you.

(side-note: to build the parameter complete line, as I’m lazy and standard concatenating isn’t handy when you have more than two value, I used a “superconcat” IA that you can find in our last Nexmosphere sample, and now in this one)

Compress results:



:tada: From 2.5Mb .png to 235Kb .jpg in one click! :wink:

Here is the sample I used to do that (don’t forget to install ImageMagick!).

Community-CompressScreenshot.zip (9.5 MB)