[Shipped] Key Combo Instead of ESC to exit XP

:muscle: Following wish has been already shipped. Find the related help center article here: Keyboard triggers

ESC is easy to press when you want to get out of the XP. But I think it’s almost a little too easy. If someone wants to have a keyboard/mouse connected to a kiosk for some reason, it’s almost too obvious to have it as the exit button for the XP. A user could press it by accident, or out of habit.

Any other key combo would help reduce un wanted exits. I should note that I haven’t actually had an issue with this because we normally don’t connect a keyboard to our displays. But my opinion is that it’s a little too easy. (Also disabling Alt+F4 as an exit would be nice too)

Hey @AlexB,

You might want to have a look at our Keyboard triggers article. As stated there:

  • To avoid exiting the experience when pressing the ESC key, you can use the ESC key in the sequence to trigger an action without effect (such as changing a property of a non visible asset).

You can set your own key combination to call the Exit action of the overall experience :wink:

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Ah, that makes sense. I haven’t spent a lot of time on this article. Thanks as always!
I’ll remove the voting-poll from my post above :slight_smile:

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