Sharing Player Deployment with Secondary Accounts?


I’ve been able to create a secondary account for my client and shared a license of Composer with him, however, while he sees his experiences, he does not see the player devices (Windows 10 Kiosks) to deploy to them. How do I allow him to deploy to his kiosks?



Hi @brent,

This is because your Player licenses are currently associated to your account. You’re the only one who can see these devices.
If you want a secondary account to handle these players, you need to transfer the licenses to him as explained in this article



Hi Seb,

I don’t have this option for my players. Only for Composer.


Hi @brent,

You need to release a license before being able to transfer it.



@Seb - So if I release it, it can still be used on the same device when the secondary user activates the license? I’m in Denver, he’s in New Jersey and the devices are in Charlotte, NC. As you can see I don’t want to have any issues.



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