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Existe alguna manera de compartir la URL de una experiencia y que el cliente pueda disfrutar de la presentación sin necesidad de tener que descargarse la App de IntuiFace?


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However, if my Google translate is right, your question is:

Is there a way to share the URL of an experience so that the client can enjoy the presentation without having to download the IntuiFace App?

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You can indeed use the Share an experience using a public URL in order to do so.

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Hi Alex, thanks for your reply and sorry for speaking in Spanish.
I have already seen the tutorial and step by step of sharing an experience using a public URL, but my question is not resolved.

That tutorial teaches me how to share a URL, but the person who receives must install the application to see it. And my question is: Are there any possibility of being able to view an experience WITHOUT HAVING TO DOWNLOAD THE APP?


Experience is a “flat” file and requires a software to be played, like an html page needing a browser or a .doc file requiring Microsoft word.

I confirm it’s mandatory to use Intuiface Player, Composer or built-in exe (from message before) to read Intuiface Experiences.


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