Share Asset

Hi Guys, new to INTUIFACE , im trying to find the Share Asset in my expereince but i just cant find it, i just read something about that option only avaliable on Windows, im running intuiface on a mac W/ Bootcamp, thanks for your help.

Hi Daniel,

“sharing” Assets aren’t basics design element like an image, video, text or a shape Assets.
They are Interface Assets (IAs), picture them more like “Plugins”.

In order to browse Interface Assets:

  • first you have to display the panel by clicking the icon with the LEGO brick shape at the left of the layers icons
  • then click on "Add an Interface Asset
  • then type “share” to get a list of IAs available
  • then select the one that suits you and click “Add”




@Alex Thanks for the Info !! working on it right now.