Shapespark with intuiface

Hi all
I’m exploring 3d integration with intuiface. I recently learned about matterport, and one drawback is that I can’t use Autocad drawings to generate 3d images.

I contacted several people and they recommended shapespark.

Any experience with this?

Hello @faisal (or @faisal1 or @faisal.susanto ? :wink: )

As it’s about 3D, I’m going to tag @tosolini here.

I can tell you we support .obj and .gltf format and according to this message, it seems to be possible to export from Autocad in these formats.




I don’t have experience with Shapespark nor Autocad, sorry. However, have you considered going through Sketchfab and host your models there? Then you can embed the Sketchfab player in Intuiface.

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