Setting the startup scene


I am trying to set the startup scene so that it is different from the first scene I created. I have tried setting the startup scene in the project settings and moved the desired scene so it appears first in the list, but the application still defaults to the first scene that was created.

Back in February Chloe had responded: “The startup scene does work in IntuiFace Player but in IntuiFace Composer it defaults to the first scene you create. I have pushed your request to our product team.”

Has this issue been resolved since February?


Please disregard my question. I always manage to only find answers right after I post questions to this forum. For those who did not know how to do this, go to Project > Show Experience Properties, then on the Properties palette, click on the Behavior icon under Experience Parameters and there’s a pulldown menu titled “Startup scene”, and from there pick the scene you want to appear first.