Sending screenshot as email attachment



I am saving a screenshot (entire screen) using a third party application (ShareX) to a local folder, and as well to imgur. I want to be able to send this img as an attachment via email from intuiface, and since it saves local and on imgur, it doesn’t save the screenshot in Intuiface itself. I am wondering how i’d be able to let Intuiface know about this img to send as an attachment from the Share Assets “Share via Email”.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


I have now saved the screenshot images i take to a folder within the project files itself. I have made an Asset Grid that will display these pictures each time I import this file in the Content Library. My question now is, is there a way to automatically refresh this folder to update the new images each time the button is clicked instead of having to import the folder over and over again? Thanks!


Hi @brookspatola,

I’ll ask the same question as in this other thread about snapshots: why don’t you use the scene Take a snapshot action within IntuiFace?
You can then use the method described here to send that snapshot via an email.



The take a snapshot function will only allow me to take a picture of the scene in question. I am using a third party application that will allow me to take a screenshot of the entire background (not just the actual scene). What i’d like to be able to do, is send one of these screenshots as an attachment with a “send email” button. Currently the screenshots are being placed in a Camera Roll Folder within the scene, which won’t allow me to add the images to the Email que. Here is an example of the current layout with the Camera Roll properties highlighted:

Do you have any idea how I can add an image from this Camera Roll Folder to the Email Que so that I can send the image as an attachment ?

Thanks for your time.


Hi @brookspatola,

Working with this kind of folder-based collection won’t let you do much on the items inside the collection.
I suggest you to use this sample that will let you parse dynamically a folder (within the Experience structure) and create a data template to represent each item.
Based on this template mechanism, you’ll be able to add a button that would call the add to sharing queue action with the image path as a parameter.



Thanks for the response @Seb,

I glanced over the functionality on the sample you suggested. How would I be able to incorporate the .ifd and js files into my own project structure? I haven’t done something like this yet so am a bit confused. Thanks!


You’ll find the information in this Reuse an Interface Asset article.



So the Sample i downloaded with the Interface Asset files (IFD and JS files) can be done by copying that folder into my project IA folder? I won’t have to change any code in the files?


That’s correct, no need to code to reuse the Interface Asset provided in that sample.


will try this method out and report back,

Thanks @Seb



and just for clarity, you’re referring to the “Folder as a dynamic source for a collection” correct?


Yes :slight_smile:


@Seb ,

Instead of a convoluted post, I will try to display my current roadblock. From what you suggested above, I used the sample IA that lets you parse dynamically a folder (which is in the form of an Asset Grid) although I am unsure of what “create a data template to represent each item” fully means.
I have added the IA file from the sample into my experience, which displays the contents of the folder labelled “images” in the new IA Asset Grid (the data source being the contents of this folder). From here, I’ve created a button called “Add to que” which I want to add these images to the sharing que. I have made an action, that when this button is released, it will have an action target of “Share via Email-Hosted”, an action category of “sharing que”, an action of “add item to sharing que”, with a parameter of “FileSystemBrowsingJS” (it won’t let me select the actual “Images Folder”). When I click this button, it doesn’t seem to add anything to the que and I am unsure why.

My current experience view with the button in focus:

Any idea of what i’m doing wrong?



Just wondering if you have any pointers from my last post? I still haven’t been able to get this functional. Thanks!


Hi @brookspatola,

Thanks for the reminder, I did miss your previous post. From the snapshot you sent, I can’t fully understand what you’ve built there. It looks suspicious to me to see these 2 embedded asset grids.
For further analysis, I recommend you to start a discussion on our support website and share your project with our team.