Sending HTML body of a shopping cart across experiences

I’m building an XP for a catering that rents out conference rooms.
They need to be able to order drinks and such from a touchscreen in de conferenceroom, this then needs to be sent to a seperate screen at the bar.

I wanted to achieve this by sending the email body of a shopping cart to the other screen using web trigger api, however the email body doesn’t seem to arrive at the target device.

Is there anything I’m overlooking?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome to the community @MilanAdaptable,

For this type of question I recommend you contact us via our support channel as we will want you to share your experiences with us so we can see what you have already set up, you can share them to


Thank you for the fast reply Ryan, I’ve sent the experience.
However the email adres says its unreachable…

@MilanAdaptable Could you also open a support ticket via our support channel. That way we can reply with the particulars of your experience.

I wonder if you may want to bring an external database into your XP here - either creating customer records tied to products with the headless cms, airtable, or knack.

Then when someone presses the order button in the conference room, it triggers a refresh at the other display to pull their order records down from the database.


That could be a suitable option, this project is still in the early stages.
for now we simply need a demo to present to our client.

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Wish I had a demo for ya. I’ve used that functionality for other types of configurations, but mostly for quiz displays connecting to leaderboards. Similar principle, but for your case your requirements for how an ‘order’ should look on both sides will dictate what database to use, and how Intuiface will present that to each display. But if you work out those details, the database is another selling point for your customer, since it could provide remote access from a central office to view orders coming through, others could access it with mobile devices, and there would likely be some exporting or reporting capabilities after an event to show details of the displays usage. Hope that helps spark some ideas; good luck!

Just to share some updates from the private support Ticket, @Louie is going to send you @MilanAdaptable an example of a solution for you.

My take here is that instead of trying to send an email from XP-A to XP-B through Web Triggers, which are meant to send “messages” and “parameters”, so “short-ish” amount of texts, it will be more efficient to send some raw text representing the Shopping List from A to B, then display that raw text in a nice way on the B side.
The ShoppingList has an “Export to JSON” method just for that use case.
Sending the JSON summary of the shopping list will work with the web triggers, then you can use an HTML Frame asset to display that JSON in a user friendly way on the receiving side.

Note: I gave ChatGPT the JSON on the left side below and asked it to write the HTML / JS code to display this data into a shopping list / receipt ticket way. You just have to put a placeholder in that HTML for the JSON Data, and use the Text Manipulation Interface Asset to replace that placeholder with the JSON you receive through the Web Trigger message.

Make sure to check:

  1. Email Format: Ensure that the email body is well-formatted and includes the necessary details for processing.
  2. Web Trigger Setup: Double-check the configuration of your Web Trigger API. Confirm that it’s set up correctly to receive and process data.
  3. Firewall/Antivirus: Check if any firewall or antivirus software is blocking the communication between the devices. Adjust settings if needed.
  4. Network Configuration: Ensure both devices are on the same network or have proper network configurations to allow communication.
  5. Error Handling: Implement robust error handling mechanisms to identify and troubleshoot issues during data transmission. You can also check this

Hope it helps you


Thanks for sharing these insights mate as I found it very much informative