Sending EMail with HTML Body

I’m building a financial health tool that sends an email at the end with results to a worker. Currently storing the variable in a Text Concatenation, then making the output the EMail Body. It sends properly but formatting is less than ideal, so was going to make a HTML template that is filled with the global variable data… is that possible? Referencing intuiface variables inside the html frame, or rich text frame? If someone has a better solution I’m all ears.

Hello @jhagan,

To build a nicer email, you can:

  • Create an HTML body and put it in a hidden text on the scene. Use some placeholders as {EMAIL} in the HTML to make it easy to replace afterward.
  • Bind the Original text property of the Text Manipulation on this hidden text.
  • Call the Replace action to replace the placeholders with inputs coming from the scene or any data source such as an Excel file.


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Hi Jon @jhagan,

Ryan’s solution above is definitely the easiest one to set-up and try quickly in Intuiface, without any “coding” besides putting the right placeholders in your HTML template and calling the right series of “Replace” action.

If that’s too tedious (for ex: too many fields), another solution would be to create a custom Interface Asset that would do just that: take all your dynamics inputs and generate an HTML body, based on a template. You can see an example in our Shopping List.

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