Send Image to API

Hello guys, i need a help in one question.
I’ve created an API which is receiving image in body and saving it on server side. It perfectly worked on postman, but when i sending image from intuiface, it not receiving anything. Does it possible to do that and if it is, can you give a quick guide for that.

P.S. My company we’re used Intuiface before, so i want to try do it on this platform

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Hi Andrii and welcome to Intuiface! :slight_smile:

I know that there have been some functionality issues lately with Intuiface’s API Explorer, so you may want to start a ticket with support here.

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Hi @andrii.oleniuk,

The API Explorer will not enable you to upload a file (image or not) through an API call, so your best bet is to create a custom Interface Asset that will handle this API call and attach the image as it’s supposed to be.

If your target is a Windows machine, you can see an example of what we’ve done with Cloudinary API here (C# sample code available)
If your target is another platform, please let us know which one and we’ll see what’s possible or not.


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I’m not sure whether you can upload a file directly but i did manage to send images via API calls into a CRM. I think it depends on what your CRM accepts and what are the workarounds… send me a PM Andrii and maybe I can guide you.

Thanks for answering, but i’ve changed a way of thinking and just opened a web page on web explorer without calling an API :nerd_face: