Send an email with photo and url

Hello there,

For a real estate interface, i would like to send email with a picture and the url of the appartment the user is looking at, so he can consult it again on the web later.

I know how to snapshot and image and send it via email, but i don’t know how to add a URL to it (could be just a text asset).

Thanx in advance for your reply

Hey Foley,

Please could you elaborate abit more on what you mean on a URL?

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Yes, actually it is for real estate with 360 virtual tours, so the user can interact with the virtual tour by touching the screen, but he should also being able to receive an email containing a picture and the url ( for example of the virtual tour he has seen.


You need to configure the body of the email to contain your url when you send the email:

Merci chloé j’essaye et je reviens si nécessaire.

Thanx i’ll come back if necessary

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Have a look at our DIY Shopping Catalog where the Shopping List Interface Asset handle this kind of behavior.