Selfie wall - multiple devices communications


I’m new to intuiface and i’m stil exploring the possibilities of the solution and I got a question about multiple screens/devices communication.

For instance, i would like to do an experience where people would take a selfie via a tablet, play a little bit with it (write a text, add an emoji, etc…) and then press a button to send it to a selfie wall.
The picture will then appear on a large screen with others selfies, thus creating a digital selfie wall…

We can imagine the same kind of process with post-it notes where people write some note (instaed of taking a picture ) and then send it to a digital wall.

Is it possible to set up such an experience with intuiface ? Is it possible for the user to send a picture from a scene to another scene or another experience ? Do I need to go via a storage file : send the pictures or messages created on the tablet into a local file or a server, that would feed the wall ? Can this be fully automated ?
Do i need to create 2 experiences ? Or is it possible in one ?

Thank you so much for anyone that can answer theses question !

Hi Antoine,

First, welcome onboard to the Community! :slight_smile:

This is totally doable! :tada:

In order to achieve that you will need, for the global setup:

  • 2 experiences, one on the tablet, one to display on the wall
  • on the tablet experience, a Webcam Asset (Windows/Android/chromeOS only)
  • on the wall, any collection that’s suits you using a data feed from the stored images

For the file storage:

  • if your tablet and wall are using Windows on the same network, you may be able to have a shared network folder and with some smart symbolic links, use the same directory in both experience (something like this or so)
  • the other way would be to use a third party hosting service providing an API to store/read file like Cloudinary (it’s supported and has been fully tested as we had a Magic Mirror with photo both at last ISE Tradeshow) … remember you need an internet connection for this





Thank you so much for your help. It seem I have all the infos I needed.
I will get to it then !



I have a similar use for this, I am REALLY hoping that in the future the SnapChat snap Camera will work with it (so you can allow users to add 3d/effects onto the camera). All the best with your project!

I doubt Snapchat will be eager to openly share any access to their camera stream and filters features, they probably want to keep their users inside their app :grin:

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haha, you’d be surprised, It works with Skype (Would make an interesting business call =) and it works (slight graphic issues) with the VLC player, but it doesn’t seem to like the VLC engine that Intuiface uses… One day hopefully if VLC decide to support it.

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Does anybody have a working compiled version of the Cloudinary Interface Asset I could use?

Hi Chuck,

Github has one, you can find it here:

Explained on :wink:




Thanks @Alex!