Select shape based on Excel filter


Problem: Have the outline color (or fill color) of a shape be changed based on the selection of an item from a Asset grid.

ie. User selects “Table 1” from a list asset grid and I’d like a way to than trigger the outline color of the associated shape to be red (or any other color) on a different section of the experience.

We have an excel with columns of “Names, Tables” and than shapes named for every table.

Solution: Right now, I can manually associate a trigger for every single shape I have to change the outline meaning when they click table one, I update shape 1, etc.

I was wondering if there was a better way of doing this in that I have one trigger that dynamically finds the shape with the same name as the value the user selected.



Hi Jesse @help,

It could be nicer for you to add some screenshots to illustrate your scenario and need.
From what I understood, you could probably add columns “fillColor” & “outlineColor” in your Excel file, using hexadecimal values in the cells (ex: “#FF0000”). You can then call the “set fill color” or “set outline color” of the shape asset and bind the parameter to your Excel value.



Thanks for the reply, that I’ve already figured out how to do but my issue or question is more about how to select the rectangle based on the item tapped.

Here is a mockup of the desired functionality (which I can already achieve with a seperate condition for every table. I just want to do that in one shot (ie. based on the item I tap, it automatically picks the corresponding rectangle to change the fill/outline color).

Basically how do I select the table programmically? If that is even possible.


The only other idea I had was to bind the outline color of the tables to a value in the excel’s table sheet, than when I tap on the list update that value based on the current table selected but not really getting how to exactly get the current row.