Select from items and coonect to next step action

Hello, good morning, intuiface community, thank you upfront for helping me.
I am designing a project to help people self education about their symptoms.
For a given symptom, for example, forgetfulness, there are many different presentations such as
• Going into a room and forget why
• Going to a grocery store and forget what is needed to buy
• Forget to turn off tap water after washing
• Forget to turn off burner after cooking
• Got lost
• difficulty recall a conversation or names or addresses

Apparently, for a given person, he/she may not have all the different types of presentations but only one or some of them as listed above. As a first step, how can they select the items applicable to them?

As a second step, if they select at least two items from the list, then they may need further evaluation including the entirety of the following:
• Brain MRI
• Blood work such as CBC, CMP, MMA, RPR, etc
• Brief cognitive tests

The bottle neck is the following:

  1. How can I design something that let people select the symptoms they have from the listed options?
  2. How can I connect the 1st and 2nd steps together, which is, connecting symptoms to evaluation?

I have attached a half built project for illustration purpose.

Thank you again for your help,


Hi Georges and welcome to the Community!

Here are some suggestions, this is one of the several way to implement what you need.

  • to display the list of symptoms, you can use Toggle Buttons

  • add Trigger/Action on each Toggle Button

    • when a Toggle Button is checked, add one to Counter
    • when a Toggle Button is unchecked, remove one from Counter

Based on the list of choices (buttons checked or not), you now have a value for the Counter.

  • if the Counter value is 2 or more, go to next step of evaluation

I recommend you to “design” the sequence of scenes you plan, with the elements you want to have, how they interact, what will make you switch from one step to another etc. A basic mock-up, using simply pen and paper can be of great help.

Kind regards,