Select an item in an asset grid

Hello All,

I have a seemingly easy task but cannot find the simple solution…

I need to look at a folder in the XP that has photos added to it on the fly, then be able to click on an image inside that asset grid and add that clicked image to the que for the Share Via Email IA.

The asset grid is working to see the added images on the fly (while the XP is running), that was easy. But how do I select the image inside the asset grid to add to the email shared que?

I have managed to use the “open item” action to view the selected index, but adding an item to a shared que via the index does not seem to work.

Is there a trick to this? I’ve read this thread,, which gives me hope but I’m still a little unclear.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi Erich,

That is totally doable.
In order to do that, you need 2 Interface Assets (IAs):

  • first one is a Javascript File System Browsing that will allow you to populate a Collection from a local folder in your experience, this IA isn’t delivered with the current “off the shelf” * IAs in Composer but is available in this Help Center article here.
  • second one is, as you guessed, the Share via Email IA.

With these 2 IAs and a simple Trigger/Action with a binding, you will be able to add an image from the folder in the sharing queue.

It will behave like this:


Kind regards,


Thank you Alex, I sincerely appreciate your help and response. This works with one exception for my scenario. I have to jump out of the player and relaunch to see any added images.

How can I get this to see the added images without having to close and re-open the player?

Is this something in the “getDirectoryContent” portion of the FileSystemBrowsingJS.js file?

Thanks again, and we’re so close. I just need to be able to see images loaded while running, just like when we drop a windows folder into a scene.

Hi Erich,

There is a Reload action on the FileSystemBrowsingJS Interface Asset as you can see below

You can use that action after updating your folder.
For instance have a button or gesture to trigger this action.
Or you can also have it on a timer that triggers on a timed basis (every 10mins).

Would this help?



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Thank you Alex, that was exactly the parameter I expected to find in the IA but please see the screen shot. I do not have that action available on the IA I downloaded from that link. Is there a different version of that IA that you can send me?

Perhaps I installed it incorrectly?
I added it to the directory C:\Program Files\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Composer\Resources\Interface Assets
Thanks again for all the help. I’m so close…

Oh, that’s very strange.
I’m gonna sort this out sorry, meanwhile, please download this version.

Thank you Alex. I will download and give it a try as soon as I get back to my office.

I am sorry to report that I have the same result with this version as well. I only have the ‘set current folder’ and ‘set error message’ actions available to me.

I have tried simply pulsing the current folder action by setting 2 triggers, one to set it to a different folder, followed by setting it back to ‘images’. No luck there. I have tried jumping into another scene and back, and that does not refresh the folder either.

I am using an enterprise license with version on Windows 10 Pro with the latest updates.
Could this be caused by something in the latest Intuiface update?
*Please note that I also tried this exact method prior to WIndows 10 Pro doing its own updates, so I do not believe that could be the issue.

For the time being I have a workaround, albeit a bit clumsy…

  • I created an excel sheet with rows of images pre-named (Headshot_1, etc.)
  • I have the folder where these images will be imported into as my asset grid in the scene.
  • I have a button that takes me into scene 2, which is empty except for the action to take me back to scene 1.

Clicking the button refreshes the folder view because I am jumping back to scene 1 which is reloading the folder view. Since I am using the standard folder view method I can grab the selected image and add it to the share via email IA.

So this works… but is reliant on the user clicking the button to refresh the scene and folder, as well as pre-setting the names of the images importing into the folder. Luckily I can preset the images names since they are coming from an Adobe Lightroom tethering situation.

Obviously this is not the ideal workflow, although I am achieving my client’s end goal.
Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Erich,

Can you confirm that you’ve copied the Interface Asset in your folder:
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\IntuiFace\Interface Assets ?

From what you say, it seems you may have an outdated version that is overwriting it in your experience folder:

To confirm, start a new blank experience and just add the FileSystemBrowsingJS IA from your Interface Asset panel. Then check the X-Ray or create a trigger/action, you should be able to access the Reload folder action.