Seeing a white flash when going from scene to scene

I’ve been changing settings trying to get this effect to go away, but I’m getting a white flash that’s a fraction of a second whenever my experience changes scenes. My experience background is an image and my scene backgrounds are either transparent or an image. This flash is occurring in both scenarios. Please tell me what I have done wrong here. Thank you!

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Hi @cullenb,

You should start a discussion with the support team and share your project with them. They’ll try to reproduce your issue and understand what’s happening in your experience.


I’ve started the support team discussion. I’ve also shared it with Thank you for you attention to this matter.

Vincent had suggested adding a background experience layer, so I added one and put a black 1920 x 1080 rectangle in that layer, and made sure my experience background was black and my scene background was transparent. This did not resolve the issue, but it was an excellent suggestion. I’ll keep fidgeting with it and post with any developments.

Any progress on this topic? I’m having the same problem of an obvious change between scenes. I have two scenes, one is a mp4 of a 3d animation that plays and ends with buttons in the position I want them (Transparent buttons in scene over the 3D objects in the mp4). Then another scene that plays an animation back to the starting point of the first scene
(in case no activity the animation can play again). Despite the beginning and end frames matching exactly, the flashing and glitching between scenes is destroying the entire effect. I’ve tried animated transitions, various shades of gray and black in an experience layer to mute the glitch. Intuiface really needs to fix the obvious glitching between scenes.

Hi Jeff,

I have had this “Problem” Multiple times, this is not Intuiface it was user error, But what i can say is to check the scene background and also the experience background.

Do the scene’s have the same background if so i would recommend using the “Crossfade” Scene transition.

I hope this helps



This is correct, though you can still use slide transitions. I recommend using a scene background set to black and an experience background set to black as well. You can use an image as a background simply by having it as the bottom layer in your scene. If you’re diligent in checking your scene background color on every scene, then this flashing will go away. You can also animate your background image to fade in quickly. I am open to any suggestions that others may have to keep scene transitions fluid, but this method works for me. I haven’t been on this forum in months, so my apologies for not updating the status of this thread.

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