See where assets in Content Library are being used

In Adobe After Effects and also Premiere Pro, there is the ability to click on an asset in the Project Panel and see where in the project the asset is being used.

I would LOVE to have this feature in Intuiface.

This would be great when you are trying to reduce the size of a project. After a “delete unused items” is performed, I sometimes find that assets that I do not have within the final design anymore are still listed as being “used” within Intuiface. If I go ahead and delete it from the Content Library when it’s still listed as being used, a weird “whooshing” noise will sometimes occur- it’s better to find the asset within the project and delete it directly from the scene. But sometimes I’ve forgotten what scene I put it in, esp. if I’ve had it hidden when you enter a scene… I’m sure there are others who have had a similar dilemma.

So what do you think, community? Anyone else have this problem?

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I didn’t yet get to that specificity particularly on Intuiface, but I can totally relate to this issue from my experience with another creation software…I’m always struggling with my drive space because of this!

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  • I would love an asset locating feature
  • I don’t think it’s necessary to have this feature

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Ohhhhhh yeah! Me too. The struggle is real. :slight_smile: