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We are putting together a plan to start using the functionality of the secondary accounts. We are a digital signage company and are discussing giving all of our clients a secondary account, allowing them to publish and monitor their displays.

However, there’s some things that hold us back a bit from doing this - mainly, the options that our clients will see when they log in. I don’t mind that they see Intuiface information at all - but I think it will muddy the waters giving them all the options to talk to IF support, become an affiliate, download intuiface, and even purchase other experiences through the marketplace.

Our clients are not designers, nor are they really tech-saavy, so they want us to provide support, design, and a CMS, since we create it for their specific needs. They really wouldn’t want to get into this stuff, it would only confuse them.

Is there any way of allowing a primary account to limit access to these other options for their own secondary accounts? For us, it’d be best if they only had access to management console and possibly data tracking, and maybe a support button that emails the primary account.

I’d love to know the thoughts on this from the community and IF - I know that not everybody is focused on digital signage and the management of multiple clients and displays. But this would really be helpful for us!


Hi, Alex, it’s Geoff. At the end of the day, are you asking about 1) limiting what can and cannot be accessed on the My IntuiFace site, and 2) eliminating the Marketplace tab in Composer/Player?


Hey Geoff,
Just the My Intuiface 2ndary account that they would log into.

Anything in Composer/Player doesn’t bother me (as I mentioned, our clients wouldn’t purchase either because they aren’t the type that are in the market to be Intuiface customers, they want someone to build them a whole product for a purpose and support it)

I’d love check-box options for us to hide the Get help, Experience Marketplace, Download, and Affiliate for our own secondary accounts. For our customers who literally want us to manage all of that for them, they might see that stuff and get confused as to what applies to them. When we train them how to use the online account, we would have to say…well this affiliate program doesn’t apply to your situation, nor does the download player, nor does the tech documentation, etc…because that’s what you pay us for :slight_smile:

But just to be straight, I have no problem if we worked with other designers under us and they had access to all the options. But there’s a lot of folks out there that would rather hire us to design an interactive product and support what we build, rather than become an Intuiface designer or affiliate themselves. For them, the online account is a perfect way for them to monitor their current displays, publish new content when their XP is updated, and review data tracking if that’s what they’ve got.

I’m always open to thoughts and advice. Thanks!


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