Search functionality

Hello all,
I’m building a catalog that needs to filter by 3 parameters and display content all from an excel SS. Below is the excel sheet I have so far as well as a visual representation of I’d like it to perform. I’m having trouble filtering by more than 1 parameter. Right now the search (using Input Text) only returns items from the first column. I need to be able to search the 3 first columns within one Text Input field. Im able to get the rest of the columns to display properly when searching the first column. The other issue is that I would like this to function like any other search bar. As the user inputs text a field of results should begin to populate in a window below the input text, and selecting an item from that window would display the proper images and text. But the “tap selection” also needs to be driven by the excel due to the high amount of items in the database . In short, everything is working fine apart from searching 3 parameters and being able to select and display the correct items from the result box driven by the excel. Does anyone out there have a working model similar to this? Or perhaps some advice? I would greatly appreciate it!

Hello @wquast I see you submitted a ticket as well and I have responded to you there.