Scrub through 1080p video performance

Hi, I’m using Intuiface to display an interaction in which the user drags a slider to move forwards or backwards on a video. The video is a recording from a drone rotating in the sky, the objective is to show the surroundings of a building with points of interest. As the user drags the slider, the view rotates back and forth and displays info.
It works this way:
-The slider is a Layout Collection “Scroll”
-The scroll feeds it’s horizontal offset to a global variable (converted to time)
-The variable has a trigger (value changed) that changes the video time (video/set timeline)
I had success with a 720p video on another interaction, it plays smoothly and looks amazing. But this time with a 1080p it lags and jumps frames, so it is almost unusable.
I tried VLC and WMP modes, 30fps and 60fps, and altough it improved somewhat it still isn’t as smooth as a 720p video.
Am I missing some performance optimization or is it a limitation in the software?

Hi @contato,

That may be related to your graphic drivers or device performance. I recommend you to contact our support team so they can investigate.



Hi Alex, I thought that too, but my computer is a Ryzen 7 2700x, 64gb ram, Rtx 2080 ti with m3 ssd.

What are your video file sizes and bitrate/data rate etc