Scrolling text like tiker problems


Hi !

I’m trying to make a ticker text that loop indefinitely.
But I don’t succeeded.

Of course I’ve read the tutorial for scrolling text…

I use a trigger time elapsed 0.1s then ignite the move to, but the text slow down to infinite when approaching to the destination so he never reach the end, so he never loop !!

So I tried a double trigger, the first one launch one scroll to the end and don’t loop, the second one put back the text to the starting position and start a second scroll that’s supposed to loop.

Second strange thing, the text don’t go back at the same position each time he is a little bit on the left, so he is moving to the left loop after loop

On my computer on playing mode it’s look like it’s working, but when I share it and play it, it’s not working.

Thanks a lot !


Hi @hedge,

Did you have a look at this article that describes in detail how to create a ticker-tape message?

Check the solutions proposed there and tell me if that solves your issue.



Hi !

'Course I did ! It helped me to initially create the ticker, but in fact,
maybe due to some reason like I’m a beginner, it doesn’t work.
I finally used a “is being entered” trigger directly on the scene, and not
a timer on the text, and I saw that this small detail was in the
screenshot of the article.
So I have to read more about trigger to understand clearly the philosophy
of their implementation to know why it works on the scene and not in the
object !



Hi @hedge. Have you found the solution for the running ticker?

You can find here A list of useful and fun APIs an example of the running ticker we created using the API (with external data). It will be pretty much the same philosophy if you use Excel.



Hi Thanks !

It’s help :slight_smile:


I am trying to add a ticker-tape message to my project and haven’t had any luck. I have tried accessing the link in the comment Seb left but for some reason the link has gone bad and wont open. Is there a new link or article that describes in detail how to create a ticker-tape message?



Hi Jen,

The article is live again with updated snapshots and video :slight_smile:
Thanks for reporting the issue.