Scrolling text box

I am making a scrolling text box for a digital ticker. I will be using an airtable api to populate the text. The issue I have is how can I calculate the size of the text box based on the length text. If I make it to long it will take a very long time with nothing on the ticker to start the scroll again. If I make it to short the text will be cut off. If anyone can help asap I will be installing today.


I’ll move this topic to Help from community category so the question gets more exposure! :slight_smile:

Hi David,

Depending on the Font & Font size, it’s pretty difficult to compute an exact text with in pixels based on text length.
What I’d recommend would to make some tests with the smallest text / longest text you’d allow in your Airtable and make sure your Text Asset dimensions fits both.

If not done already, you can also check this how to create a ticker-tape message article.