Scrolling menu with categories

HI everyone,

I’m working on an experience which help people to choose clothes in a mall.
I was wandering if it’s possible to create a scrolling menu with images stored in an Excel asset and with categories such as this :

It seems to be possible to do so with the asset grid but i don’t know how to sort my Excel file and insert a title.

Thank you for your help
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Hi @vincent1,

It’s difficult to answer without knowing more, allow me to ask a few questions:

  • have all categories the same number of items? according to the snapshot, first “Chemiser” has 9 and the second has at least 9.
  • how many categories do you have?
  • are these directly products or type of items leading to a list of products?
  • is it mandatory for you, maybe for a later use; to have them on the same data feed or is it ok to have a data feed (i-e Excel worksheet) by type?

Sorry for all these questions but it’s crucial to have the big picture and plan proper data architecture before answering :wink:

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Hi Alex and thank you for your answer.

Here are mine :

  • No, all the categories doesn’t have the same number of items. it goes from 4 items to 10 items max per category.
  • I have 8 categories (t-shirt, shoes, accessories…) for a total of 69 items.
  • I want to display directly the products on this scrolling list. i don’t have sub-categories.
  • It’s not mandatory for me to have all the items in the same data feed. Right now, all my items are in 1 excel spreadsheet but i can split it different files to get this done.

Don’t be sorry for the questions, i call your help first :slight_smile:

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One way to go would be to:

  • create an Excel file with a worksheet for each category (Chemiser, Shirt etc)
  • in your XP, create an ass many Asset Grid populated with a data feed for every worksheet
  • in your layout, put one below the other:
    • Title 1 (Chemisier)
    • Asset Grid 1 (Chemisier)
    • Title 2 (Top/TShirt)
    • Asset Grid 2 (Top/TShirt)
    • etc.

It’s the simplest way to go, layout won’t be automatic and you will have to resize properly your Asset Grids in order to display all elements but in the end all element pictures will be referenced in a unique Excel file with multiple worksheets.

If you have more in depth question, I recommend you to open a ticket to our Support.

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Thanks for your answer Alex,

I’m afraid that the items will be to small, this xp will be display on a relatively small screen.
I’ll open a ticket to see if your support can find a “smarter” way to do it.
I don’t want to manually change every thing if my client change is mind :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your time !

As you opened a ticket on Support, let’s continue over there :wink:

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