Screenshot button - automatic save to a folder

Talking about the screenshot button in “Drawing Mode” panel. Once a screenshot is taken, it would be nice if the picture would save automatically into a folder (either project folder or some other folder selected before).

We are using IF for presentations and often explaining something using drawing tools and we would like to get back to the notes that were made during the presentation later on. The screenshots are saved anyway in the TEMP folder in project folder, so just make them stay.


Hi Jan,

You can set up a workaround in 5 minutes if you want to achieve that by using the Share via Filesystem Interface Asset. Here is the way to set it up:

  • add the Share via Filesystem Interface Asset

  • in the Properties of the Share via Filesystem Asset, specify the destination folder for your captures

  • on your scene (or element with the drawing tool) add a trigger/action for the trigger “when snapshot is taken”, for this trigger, add 2 actions:

    • add item to sharing queue, and use a binding to the snapshot that was just taken
    • add an action “sharing” and this snapshot will be copied to the folder specified in Properties above

It’s done!