Schedulled Screen switching on and off

It would be nice if we could schedule our screens to be automatically switched on and off every day.
Indeed, my screens do not need to be switched on between 6 pm and 8 am and I would like them to turn off and on automatically via HDMI-CEC


Note that you need first to have already a hardware that supports HDMI-CEC before any software (like Intuiface) can use it. Does your current GPU (or specific adapter) does?
If yes, can you share the specifications please ?

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Hello Alex,

I’m using intel NUC i7 with intel UHD graphics to drive my iiyama screens

If you manage to turn off your HDMI screens using CEC out of Intuiface, just using your current hardware and OS, that would be a good start and a lead to investigate to do it from Intuiface after.

You can purchase a TV that has an on/off timer setting and use that instead. If you require it to be a touch monitor, you can use an IR frame with the TV. Or you can simply hard wire a cheap TV into the power supply. If you don’t need the computer to be on and you have Windows 10 Pro, you can use task scheduler to turn the computer off at 6 pm and on at 8 am. We have done all these things for our clients based on preference.

Hi @digimedia-caraibes,

HDMI-CEC really depends on the hardware you are using, and if your graphic card supports HDMI CEC.
If it does, you then need to find a library to send information to that bus and create a custom interface asset to send the commands.

In the signage industry, I heard several times that HDMI CEC isn’t really reliable, and RS232 is preferred. In that case, you can probably re-use this interface asset to send the proper commands to the serial bus, again depending on your hardware (monitor brand / expected commands).


Hi Seb,

I can confirm that CEC is not a good way to go for professional signage. We tried it as an option a while ago and it’s flaky at best. We use that RS232 asset and it works really well for screen control.


Hi @ben1,

Thanks for this confirmation.

Would you mind sharing a bit more info with the community about these RS232 commands you use, and with which kind of monitors?

Hello Seb,
First I want to appologize for my english because i’m a french native speaker.

I confirm that cec is a very good way to power on and off signage screens.
I’m actually driving about 80 signage screen between Guadeloupe and Martinique ( 2 very little caribbean island ) and it can’t work better.

My 50-60 first screens was simple monitors without soc processor, so they are driven with intel NUC I3 + Navori software solution ( shut on and off are controlled by cec ).

Today, i use Philips screens wich integrates android soc processor and power on and off is driven internally ( i can’t imagine that it’s RS232 driven ). I also tried Navori’s Android Stick and shut on and off were also controlled by cec solution.