Scheduling made easier

Hi everyone,

Since I became interested in Intuiface, I have been flooded with ads positioning Intuiface as a digital signage tool. Here is a simple wishlist to strengthen this claim. I am assuming this feature is not available yet or available, but I have not figure out how to do it.

Scheduling Made Easy.

A scene has a property. Add to the property an option called Scheduling. When ticked, you select the starting and end date, and the starting and end time of that scene,
You can do the same with layers, and even assets within a layer.
You can even add the dates which each scene can appear. (Mon, Tuesday, …)

This way we have day-parting for a restaurant.

I know there is cron, but cron codes are not visual.

Hi Ahmed,

The answer may sound familiar but … I’ve got some good news for you again, it’s coming*. Soon. :wink:

*not in the form you described


Next time dress like Santa when if you have a similar answer to another of my wishlists.

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Hi @ahmed

In addition to “cron” aka the Scheduler you can also think about using the Time (Clock) to raise triggers based on the day of the week.

You can also have a look at how this QSR Menu board was built and see how the Airtable API enables to do some scheduling within the experience.

What’s coming, as Alex mentioned, is scheduling experiences from the Share & Deploy console :wink: