Schedule Content with HMCS

I’m building an experience using the HCMS and need to be able to schedule certain content to change on different days of the week. My goal is to have users in the HCMS be able to schedule that content as they change the content. Example:

  • Single screen
  • non-interactive
  • has 3-4 film titles and showtimes listed

The user of the HCMS will need to be able to change the film titles and showtimes in advance of them changing as we don’t show the same films every week.



Welcome @evan.windham Mel,

There are a couple ways you could handle this. First off in HCMS you have the option to choose * Stage for publishing : This will label content as ready for publishing without actually publishing it. Think of it as staging in advance of publication. Then when they are ready they could choose Publish now and it will pass the updates.

The other option is you could have a date field in the HCMS and have the experience only show the content that has the matching date(s). This could be done by applying a filter to the HCMS data feed. Here is a help article on how to do that in Composer.


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Hi @evan.windham,

I recommend you to watch the recording of the Headless - CMS Part 2 session of our last user conference, available here: Upcoming Event - Interactive 2022

The video is actually this one. I mention a few things about scheduling in that session that could help you as well.



Hi @Seb and @rdriscoll! Thanks so much for the resources. My plan is to use Seb’s filter method but I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve also been referencing the Live Q&A video.

In the HCMS I have five playlists for five possible film slots on our IMAX ticketing screen. The screen shot shows the playlist for film 1.

In Composer, I added a clock and two filters to every HCMS IMAX film playlist. See the triggers and actions screenshot.

When I press play after synching the base, the films that should have ended last week still show up and have not moved on to the next film.

Any thoughts on this?

Another snag I have run into, not related to scheduling, is with the asset flow. I have an asset flow showing film posters for all of the IMAX films pulling from the HCMS but there will be times when we don’t have all five films available. When there are less than five films scheduled in the HCMS base, the asset flow manager still has a placeholder for an empty slot. Is there a way to tell the asset flow to skip slots that don’t have an image in them? See screenshots.

asset flow


Hi Mel (@evan.windham),

For this kind of very specific request, I recommend you to open a ticket to Support.
You will probably be asked to share your experience with account and provide extra details in ticket.


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I may be wrong, but I have worked on similar date filters in a couple of projects, I think the reason the filter is not working is because the date may not be filtering well. You added the clock filter which correct to filter based on the current date, however, you need to check the format of the date field vs the format in your HCMS.

What I did was create a text field somewhere in the XP and bind that to the complete date field of the clock. Then in this text field use the format option to format it exactly as per your HCMS field. For eg. from your screenshot, I see you have the Start date as YYYY-MM-DD - HH:MM:SS, set the format of this text field exactly as this and then bind the filter.

You can also add two text fields instead of one, and use one for a date and the other for the time, setting their formats as YYYY-MM-DD and HH:MM:SS respectively, then bind their filters using the “contains” filter.

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@melvyn_br This not entirely true since you can compare the Complete date time (or ISO time) of the Clock with a Date object coming from the H-CMS.

@evan.windham : as mycolleague Ryan said, it’ll be easier to help you if you go through our support platform where we’ll ask you to share both your XP and your base with us.

Regarding the Asset Flow question: it’s because you manually added 5 items in that collection, insteda of using a data feed. Check our lesson about Data Templates in this Academy course.


Thank you!

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no worries @Seb, you’re the boss at this, I was just sharing my experience with this, in the hopes it would help evan.