Schedule a PC restart


I know it can be done but can’t find it anywhere. I would like to schedule a restart my remote PC every night at 3am. Can anyone please tell me how? Thanks


Hi @david1, this article should help:


@david1 Sorry for the late reply, but if you haven’t found an answer yet - I typically use one of two ways to do a scheduled restart:

  1. Run a windows scheduled task. Open Task Scheduler, create a basic task, run a program, set the schedule, and for the program, run shutdown.exe. Then in the parameters, type /r. There are MANY other renditions of this command. If you do a little Googling, you can find ways to stop programs, then restart or set longer or shorter delays.
  2. In Intuiface, you can set a trigger on the Scheduler Interface Asset. Set the Cron Expression for the recurring time of the restart, and set the action to Run a Program. Use the same command of shutdown.exe and /r as the parameter, or whatever command you prefer to use. Keep in mind that this method requires IF to be running to execute. So generally it’s most reliable to create a scheduled task in #1.

As a side note, I tend to create a completely black scene called “Sleep” for my permanent installations. This helps to minimize CPU use during night time hours and makes it look like the display is off. It’s very easy, and I created a video for it a while ago. Sorry the audio is not the best quality:


Sorry to open a old message. Is there a way to do an auto reboot with a chromebox running in kiosk mode? I would need to do it within intuilab.