Scene image capacity

Question: Does an individual scene have a limit on the amount of JPG’s and PNG’s that can be utilized?

For example: I have a cabinet manufacturer that would like to show 50 different available cabinet options, will I have any issue with having 50 individual JPG’s within one scene? Is there a limit?

Note - for this example, not all 50 images would be visibl. Only 1 image would be visible, with the remaining 49 images hidden, waiting to be made visible via button trigger.

Hi @jacob1 and welcome to the Intuiface Community! There is a function whereby you can have one image asset that would actually change to a different image with a press of a button, allowing you to have one image asset that has the ability to change to 50 different images- that way you wouldn’t have to have all 50 on there. I suggest you look at this page, down at the “Actions” section: Image Asset – Intuiface

You may want to think about having the images categorized in an Excel document, you can find some tutorials on that here: I suggest watching the “Intuiface Composer 101” and “Building Your First Experience” lessons.

I hope this helps! If it doesn’t, you can always respond back on this thread. If these pages don’t help though, you may need to provide additional information on what you’re trying to achieve.



Hi Jacob … i agree with Megan, you will go crazy putting in triggers for show/hide for 50 images… Excel is the way to go… that way you can get in as many as you like… i did a project that went close to a 1000 images…

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@melvyn_br @Megan - Awesome, thank you both for your responses.

I agree with you both and think excel might be the way to go, but I’ll test out different methods using Change Image Actions and excel and see what works best. Thank you!

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@melvyn_br Oof! That sounds CRAZY. Yikes.

@jacob1 Okey-dokey! But if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile: We like to help each other out on here.

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They already said it all but yes, Excel - or any other kind of data source, such as API-based CMS or soon (can’t wait!!) the Intuiface Headless CMS - is the way to go.

In addition to Megan’s comment above, I’d say look at the course “Connecting to the world” in Academy:
This contains a lesson about Excel and another about Data Templates. These are the 2 you need to watch @jacob1


That’s right! I was thinking that lesson was in the “Creating Your First Experience.” Thanks, @Seb!