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Hi all,

I am currently rebuilding a clients experience using the HCMS and have encountered an issue.

I have a scene with a collection of videos, the number of videos varies on a weekly basis (they’re for internal comms), the collection needs to trigger a scene change after the last video has played. So far the only trigger I can find changes the scene when the last item is reached which doesn’t allow the video to play, and as these videos are vary in length I can’t add a delay to the scene change.

With the previous experience we were using dropbox and dynamically linking the collection, my solution was to simply add an image file as the last item of the collection so it didn’t matter if it wasn’t displayed. However, with the HCMS I can only retrieve files using binding and it treats images as a separate binding property.

My idea was to create a short video segue which would be a specific length which would allow me to use the delay property, but that wouldn’t work either, with the DropBox method I could use file naming to maintain a hierarchy, but the HCMS doesn’t allow this, I would have to delete a video and upload the new content then upload this segue video again to make sure it plays last. This isn’t a tenable solution.

So my question really is, has anyone come across a similar issue, and may have a workaround, or…

Is there a method to use the binding properties to trigger a scene change when the last video has finished?

Thanks in advance.

Hello and Welcome Jill,

A way to accomplish this is to have a global variable bound to the number of items/videos in your H-CMS group.

Then Add a Condition to your video ends trigger:

Then Scene-to-Scene Navigation

If you have any other questions, you should contact our support team directly.


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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for this, the number of videos varies so will the global variable still work?


Yes as long as it is bound to the Number of items then it will update when that number changes.