Scene Caching for Better Scene Transitions

I know that making scene transitions smoother has been talked about a lot in the community here. But an idea popped in my head and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw it out there.

If I have this right - the background images of scenes are cached on the startup of the XP. This is why the background image of a scene ‘travels with’ the scene to scene transitions.

Caching is a powerful thing. So I’m wondering if it’d be possible to somehow allow the designer to decide what is cached in each scene. I love checkboxes - maybe each asset/group or collection has a checkbox that says “Cache with Scene”. So it is held in memory upon the startup of the XP.

I know performance is important, and there’s chances this could bog down the XP. But the designer would at least have the choice. For example, if my main navigation is in a group - it may not bog down the display if I decide to only cache that main navigation group with the scene. So when that scene is entered, the background image AND my main navigation come with it.

Just an idea - maybe it’s not perfectly thought out, but it could possibly lead us on the right path. I’d be curious if other designers agree:

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I agree.

We’ve had issues with scene transitions to the point for having to build some of our XPs in a single scene. We used groups off screen to move on and off screen, instead of switching scenes.

On a side note, it would be nice to have global assets that could be visible in all scenes (home button, about data, etc.). Without having to create a bound copy on every scene. --Just a thought.

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Hi both @AlexB and @AlexL,

Without being able to say much about this yet, I can tell you that something related to this topic will be added in the big 6.0.
Stay tuned, but it should be much easier than manually handling some cache and should answer several needs expressed on the community :slight_smile:


@AlexL Agree, I’m usually building everything into one scene too.

@Seb Thanks for the cliffhanger - the suspense is killing me! Haha, can’t wait to see what IF has planned.