Scale POI with Bing Map

I am using a Bing map with multiple POIs. When I zoom or pan on the map, the POIs maintain their coordinates properly but they do not scale. One of the POIs is an HTML Frame Asset which includes the code for an SVG. I need that to scale with the map.
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Hi @cody,

Unfortunately, the purpose of POIs in the Map Collection is to be clickable objects at all time, whatever the zoom level of the map is, which is why they will always keep the same screen size in pixels.
Since the zoom level of the Maps (Bing or Mapbox) isn’t linear, it would be quite complex to approximate the pixel width / height of an object to display at the exact same physical size depending on that zoom level.

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Is there an alternative way to accomplish this? The svg doesn’t need to be clickable just scalable. I tried grouping the svg (HTML Frame) and Map Collection but still wasn’t able to achieve the results I was looking for.

I can’t think of any, unless maybe using Mapbox instead of Bing, if you were able to create a map style that would include your SVG as embedded layers. I have never tried that and can’t tell you for sure if it’ll work.