Saved filenames


is there a way of changing the filename saved from file share to folder interface asset?


Hi @telfordASE,

The Share via Filesystem will reuse the filename of the original file to be copied.

How you would like to be able to modify it? Since you can share several items at once, it can’t just be a “Destination Filename” property.



I would like to be able to spend a global variable or something similar to the front of the original file name


Do you think this is achievable?


Hi @david.burton,

To help us think about a way to propose such a feature to our users, could you please give us as many details as possible about your need and use case?
If you already have some ideas about how you would like to be able to setup such filenames within Composer, please feel freee to share them as well.



So, i would want an extra attribute in the capture interface set that can be bound to a variable. This would be so that we can effectively yeah where images have come from. In our example it is so that we know which breakout had captured the work. as another example. You might want to tag images captured in stores with the store name or person name when it is emailed to them