Running Separate User Input Forms on The Same Experience

Hi there ,
Assume I have Eight Screens ( 2 rows * 4 columns) connected to each others by hdmi cable and finally to one pc,
how it is possible to use intuiface for building a single experience and divide the screen rectangle (8 screens) to
25 % for customer 1 , 50 % for a video , 25% for customer 2,
while customer 1 & 2 are totally separated from the navigation of each others.

25 % : means 1 col = 2 screen
50 % : means 2 col = 4 screen …

Hi @Yusufm.salh,

You might to want have a look at this article section. This will give you access to a “special” pinboard that you can put on your 2 25% areas to be able to handle multiple inputs at once.


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Hi Seb,

after using that asset ,I have 2 text boxes with a keyboard in mid ,now I want to customize that asset ,to have n text box where n (1 :4) and adjust their location and Size .

Hi @Yusufm.salh,

You should be able to do that, adding as many text input assets as you need in each of the pinboards.