Rolling number selector

I wanted to see if anyone in the community has done anything along these lines before I inadvertently “reinvent the wheel”. I’ve got a preliminary request to develop a rolling number selector, functioning like gas (petrol) pump numbers, so that an amount can be swiped (or “slid”) in one number that a time, e.g. thousands digit, hundreds digits, tens digit, and ones digit. These four digits would carry individual values so that once the numbers are selected an “Enter” button can be touched to take this 4 digit value and run it trough a multiplication convertor to be shown on a subsequent screen.

I have a general idea on how to accomplish this, but as with every instance of problem solution, there are always unforeseen issues that come up along the way that take the bulk of the allotted time to resolve. If this isn’t something that’s come up before, then I will share my process once it’s complete.

Hi @cullenb,

Not sure that would fulfill your need 100%, but you could look into the Casino Slot Machine marketplace sample. Replace the icons with number and it might be close to what you’re looking for.


Thanks, Seb. I’ll take a look at that. I think I’ll end up using a series of aligned vertical carousels that have a value assigned to each “slide” that can be concatenated into a string to represent the total value, versus having it multiple each digit by it’s place (10,000, 1,000, etc.) and then add it up. I can pull that value from an off-stage text box to convert by an inflation multiplier to be shown in a text box in the subsequent graphic.

But it looks like you know where you’re going, so that sounds good to me :smiley: :smiley:


Hahaha, yeah my subconscious had an opportunity to marinate on it for a lil’ bit. : D

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