RFID Tag action question

I have an interactive experience that would require a trigger/action similar to “WHEN any tag is detected”.

Is it logical to assume this trigger/action would accomplish this “any tag” scenario:
WHEN tag is detected, with a Condition set to “Does not match” and the variable set as a RFID code that matches none of the codes in my group of tags?

Just want to make sure I’m not leaving something out of the equation.

Hi @cullenb,

First of all, what Interface Asset / RFID reader are you using here? Nexmosphere, Phidgets or something else?
Are you doing to “lift and learn” and detecting a tag being lifted, or something more like a badge reader and detecting when the tag is being placed on the reader?

In all cases, if you want an action when “any” tag is detected, you either

  • Have an Interface Asset with an explicit “Tag is detected” (ex: Phidgets), and shouldn’t need any condition here
  • Have an Interface Asset with generic triggers (ex: Nexmosphere), and only need to identify the command that corresponds to your RFID / Tag event. For a tag placed on a Nexmosphere reader, I would use a condition like Command “start with” “PB” (PB001 is the command for Tag 1 placed back on reader, PU001 would be the command for tag being picked up)

Let me know if that makes sense and answer your question.


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Hi Seb,

I’m using Phidgets with tag detection on a reader (instead of tag absence).

That’s good to hear that it’s straightforward and I’m not leaving something out of the equation. I just wanted to be certain that I wasn’t leaving an important variable out by accident.

Thanks for clarifying.

Though I haven’t used Phidgets, I’ve found Nexmosphere EXTREMELY easy to use in terms of the RFID reader. Doing an action when any tag is detected is pretty much right out of the box. Plug in the reader and set the default trigger in the IA, done. Use conditionals whenever you need to identify a tag.

Just my two cents, I’d give Nexmosphere a try.


Thanks, Alex. I appreciate your feedback on this. I have some Nexmosphere modules here at the office that were part of their sampler kit. I’ll definitely have to start playing around with their products once I get some breathing room between projects.

Great, agreed that it’s difficult sometimes to research something new while projects are going on. Best of luck, hope it turns out great.

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Hi Cullen, I did use phidgets for a couple of projects, so maybe I can chip in, incase you hit a dead end.