RFID Demo Using Phidget Sample

Hi Folks. I thought we could start going over the experience examples from Marketplace to remind everyone of some of the useful tips and tricks. I hope this will help generating some good ideas.
This is a demo of an experience using Phidget. It contains three scenarios illustrating the value of RFID technology in your Intuiface-based designs. Specifically, you’ll see how to create lift-and-learn for retail, hands-on quizzes for museums and room security for any business.

Try this experience or watch the full demo here.


Hi Bomee
i was looking for the hardware to make the liftandlearn experience but i have some doubts.
the phidget read and write, it´s just connected to the PC usb or need it another hardware?
the chips are the write and read model?
there is another hardware brand to make this experience??

I think I can help you out a bit and just a few days I got the phidgets kit (reader & tags) and tried to set this up. The phidget reader you can use is the 1024 reader and any compatible tag. Once you get your phidget hardware it will not run directly off the bat with the intuiface lift & learn experiences.

You need to write the tags first from the reader. The phidget site has the download for the phidget control center app, download that, install it, run it, plug in your phidget reader, put a tag on it, select the appropriate write protocol and write the tag. This bascially assigns an id to that tag which you will later use in the intuiface XP.

Note the tag needs to be atleast 7 characters, to keep it simple I just used 7 numbers to identify it.

Once the tag is written, you can test it out with the XP.

Hope this helps.


Hey Melvyn,

Would you have some screenshots of this tool you used to write the tags?
On our side, we always used the tags received from Phidgets with the default tag values they were coming with.



@Seb, sorry for not replying earlier was traveling, I will definitely put together a quick tutorial and send it

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@Seb @bomee.lafitte Hi Seb, as requested, please find attached the tutorial to write the tags, its quite a crude tutorial, as i am in a rush with things, but thought I’d get this to you as someone may need it.

Hope it helps somebody out there.Phidget tag writing.pdf (329.8 KB)

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Oh… i forgot to mention in the tutorial that the phidget control panel software can be got from the phidget site’s support section.

Thanks alot @melvyn_br for your input. Here you go @a.valdes.espana!

Do you know if this experience can run on Android?

I think there are difficulties with android unless you can figure out a way to connect the reader to android and get it to recognise it. I think the phidget site has some material on the android sdk.

Hi @karla,

This particular experience, using the Phidgets RFID Interface Asset, will only run on Windows since the IA was made in .NET
With the latest version of Phidgets and their SBC (Single Board Computer), I think their could be something doable with the following architecture:

  • RFID readers plugged to the SBC
  • SBC & Android Intuiface player connected on the same network
  • Intuiface would get the information from the SBC through Phidget web server API

It’s not currently in our roadmap to implement this architecture, but it is something that every Intuiface user can investigate on its own.